Lifting a line


The reason why I am  sharing this piece of writing with you guys is because  we are doing a project called lifting a line which is where we write a story then we take our best sentence then we write a  a new story with the same sentence with a picture to give us an idea on what to write about.

As I slowly levitate in  the air I get closer and closer to space but then all the sudden I see a spaceship in the sky I see people As they laugh and eat  then I start to wonder is there  true meaning in life as I slowly drift off I try to cut the rope that’s attached  to the balloons I   Kick And make a fuss  trying to cut the rope that that is attached to the balloon as I yell out  to the people in spaceship trying to get there Attention A man looks at her and glares for second then turns  to his  friends and laughs as she loses hope A boy grabs her arm as the two look at each other And smile they Continue to levitate the boy  encourages her to levitate with him but the girl Gets scared because they were  already in space which was not her plan but she was astonished To see the radiant colour of the  stars and the other planets but her favourite was Jupiter it’s so Colourful and bright 

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