History of Chinese Dragons

History of Chinese Dragons

In the Chinese culture, the dragon represents good luck, good health and also the male element Yang. The dragon is unique because it is the only mythical creature of all the animals in the Chinese zodiac and babies are born in the year of the dragon more than any other animal.   


The dragon is a mythical creature that has long been the most important symbol of power in China. While in the West dragons are depicted as evil, in China they are seen friendly and the bringers of good luck.

 What is the most famous dragon in Chinese mythology?

shrines throughout China honor the Dragon Kings and travelers seek their favor on new journeys. It is best to stay on the Dragon Kings’ good side though, as many stories discuss their willingness to cause droughts, storms and floods. The Azure Dragon of the East is one of the most famous dragons in China.

Rippa Tournament – Recount

Wednesday 30th August 2023

On Tuesday the 29th,  we had a rippa tournament, and for the past five weeks we have been preparing for it. But little did we know we would come 2nd.

It started when we had a meeting so we could gather all the teams, we had talked about who the teams were, and where we would play.after the meeting we had walked all the way to the field down kings road where i live, once we had gotten to the field there was a lot of people, i had started to get nervous for like five minutes.after we had set up camp we had started to warm up cause it was really cold and slippery.after we were done, Mr Bell told us to go watch the year 3 and 4, Glen Taylor and Stone Field, so we could get some ideas about what we are doing.

While we were watching  we had got some good news, we were about to verse, G.I. (Glen Innes) their team looked intimidating, but i just shook it off and played. During the game I was so fired up because we were the ones winning. Once the ref blew the whistle it was, 4 – 2, we had won,we were all jumping in excitement that we won.When the game finished we went back to camp and waited until the next game.

When Mr Bell told us that we’re on (there is a game) we headed to the field to see Glen Brae. I was so excited to play them. They seemed very serious, we had won the game by three points, and again we were jumping in excitement, I did not jump in excitement only because we had to stay humble. After we had finished  having a break our next game was different, because we went up against  our other team.we were starting to get a bit tired during the game, but we still stayed focused throughout the game.we had just won by two(5 – 3) we were so happy that we were about to go to the finals, but there was still one more team and that was stone field.

Once we had won the match against Glen Brae, we were tired. We had taken a long rest, well only 10 minutes because our match would start then. When it was time we headed over to the field only to notice that the field looked hard,as soon as i set foot on the field  my feet started to get sore.during the match i had scored 2 tries, i was so happy, but exhausted i quickly subbed off to catch my breath. We had won, because of my two tries, it was, 6 – 4 we had finally made it to the finals.

We had taken a break , we were all super tired, I had started to get dehydrated but I still had to push through. When it was time we went to the field to meet the 3rd  team of Glen Brae, they looked scary, especially this one dude, who looked like he was in college.when the ref blew the whistle to start the game  we were so close to the try line, but we ended up losing the ball.during the game we had managed to get a few tries, but we were still struggling to keep up,it was the last play and they intercept and Glen Brae scored just before the whistle blew  and that was it, we had lost to the best team there.we all were drained of energy, and went back to camp in disappointment, one of the boys went and got KFC and shared for 2nd place, i had watched as Glen Brae had started to celebrate, with joy, but i was very proud of myself,at  least i had gotten a try.we had went back to st pats proud.

I don’t have pic’s of the tournament

By Andreaus:)

New Zealand Animal adaptions -Tuatara

Facts: Tuatara’s are a species of reptiles located in New Zealand. Tuatara has gotten its name translated in the Maori language. In English, it says ” Peaks on the back”. Maori people seen Tuataras as guardians and messengers. Did you know? Tuatara has only one species and has been around 250 million years ago. There are 100,000 Tuataras left on earth meaning Tuataras are happily not extinct. It’s related to Rhynchocephalia, a reptile family who is mostly the same size.

They might look like lizards but are the only ones left in the Rhynchocephalia family, who are living. Tuataras are known for being New Zealand’s biggest reptile.

Adaptations: Tuataras have a certain temperature in their bodies in New Zealand’s average temperature. They live in burrows that are big holes found in the ground. Tuataras are nocturnal to hunt food to survive which is unusual for lizards to have. Tuataras body helps them to camouflage in nature to survive the wild because of their colors on their bodies. Tuataras tail breaks when an enemy is after them just like geckos.

By Andreaus




What is a Firenado

What is a Firenado

Forest fires and wildfires are undeniably bad, but the amount of damage caused by fire tornadoes is unmatched. A fire whirl or fire tornado is not an actual tornado that forms a vortex around a cloud. Its  vortex is formed because of the upward movement of warm wind during a forest fire.

In places that have dry weather conditions, such as the state of California, wildfires are common. Where there is fire, there is heat and hot air. When hot air rises up in the air during a wildfire, it forms columns, which then suck in combustible gases, debris, ash, and smoke towards the center. It is due to such a turn of events that firenadoes form. Even though fire whirls only last for a couple of minutes, the damage that they cause is often extensive. The best way to survive one would be to keep away and hide inside your house or inside  your basement. Don’t try and run  because On the ground, these burning tornadoes can hurl flames and burning debris skyward for hundreds of feet at wind speeds greater than 140 mph, creating a major fire expansion hazard. For  An extreme example of a fire whirl is the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake in Japan, which ignited a large city-sized firestorm which in turn produced a gigantic fire whirl that killed 38,000 people in fifteen minutes in the Hifukusho-Ato region of Tokyo.


The Haast Eagle

” What was the Haast Eagles adaptation “

Haast’s eagles could have used their powerful bite to kill large prey such as moas. Their large talons also showed remarkable similarities to modern eagles, meaning they were well suited for capturing live prey, even animals far larger and heavier than themselves.

“How did the haast Eagle get so big”

Like the iconic moa, Haast’s eagle evolved through – and survived – multiple glacial periods, when larger body size would have increased survival chances. The species was named after Julius von Haast, first director of Canterbury Museum.


“How did the Haast Eagle go extinct”

Overhunting of its moa prey by humans was probably the main cause of its extinction. Loss of habitat due to the burning of South Island dry mosaic forests and shrublands by humans may also have caused declines in its prey species.

The flag of New Zealand

The stars on the Flag represent the Southern Cross constellation, emphasising New Zealand’s location in the South Pacific Ocean. The Union Jack in the top left-hand corner of the Flag recognises New Zealand’s historical foundations as a former British colony and dominion.  Blue represents the sky and sea (important for the island nation).

The 2022 House leaders

At 9:00 in the morning  we had to go to the canopy to practice the songs we were going to sing when we announced the 2022 house leaders which were Nikita young, Ofa makalio the house leaders for ToTara  and Desiree Manga,  April Faasau-Johnston for the  kauri house leaders the rimu house leaders are elma sofi and Jamie  Barillas.


Last week on Monday we got 6 big and heavy boxes we got the boxes from EPro8. When we got the boxes MrBell handed out our epro8 books. On our  Epro8 books we had codes on the front cover . We went to the EPro8  challenge site, we all entered our codes into the team code slot, then we had to put our names into the name slot. We automatically got put into teams of 4.  We had to make a fully  functional crane, a bridge,and a caveman car .

When we did Epro8  I really enjoyed learning about the aluminum bars and the extrusions and I hope next year we can do EPro8  again.